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Easy There, Cowboy

You've been riding your trusted steed all night after narrowly escaping a botched train robbery.

There might have been a few restless moments of uncomfortable sleep on the back of your horse before you crested a hill and saw Belcarlwood in the distance.

With your one working eye you find a nice meadow just off the trail into town where you can lick your wounds and ponder.

You muster the strength you have left to gather some mushrooms that you barely recognize and then add them to a stew with twigs, berries, and dirty snow.

The morning sun is coved by thick clouds that hold their water as you proceed to fill your belly and fall asleep.

You wake up thirsty sometime before sunset after some heavy dreams. As you put yourself back together you reflect on your actions from the previous twenty-four hour and start to consider that you may be wanted for your crimes, so it might be keen to keep your wits about if anyone where to recognize you in town.

8x | 16oz Cans | Easy Drinkers


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