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Mas Des Agrunelles • Carino • 2019 • 12.3%

Mas des Agrunelles is situated just 20km northwest of Montpellier in the two small communes known as Argelliers and Murles. At 200m above sea level, this unique terroir sees some of the coolest microclimates in the region, keeping the freshness and acidity of the grapes desirably high. Very very low sulfites are added in the final bottling, stainless steel aging. Hand-harvested, with an average age of 65 yr old vines.

Aromas of red and black fruits, spices, wild herbs, flowers, and much more disturb all our senses. A whirlwind of sweetness and pleasure. Sip after sip, we enjoy this balanced, lively, silky, dynamic, deep, and very digestible wine.

This delicious semi-sweet wine, with aromas of plum and cherry tastes, chocolate and blueberries. It is intense and well-balanced with a smooth texture and finish. This wine has a great flavor, smooth and silky. It goes well with pasta, meats, and vegetable dishes.

Lovers of great natural red wines from Languedoc and Carignan, you are in for a treat!